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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Random Blog

Woah, feeling this massive frustration killing me from the inside. This is what my "home" gives me, the feeling of frustration. An on-going, perpetual frustration.

But a contrasting note, I LOVE working Saturday mornings. Yup, I'm working Saturday mornings now, much more preferable than my Monday nights, 'cause I don't have to drive in the dark, and I can actually go out at night ;)

Currently skimming the trilogy of My Date with a Vampire again =P Favorite character ever - Angie Cheung as Ma Ding Dong. Best scene was the wedding gown scene =) And loved her friendship with Kenneth Chan, they were so great, too bad the ending was as it was =( But that just makes it all the memorable^^

hehe, talk about random blog hey, just a little dose of everything today, lol

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Flu or The Wisdom Teeth

hehe, want to hear something silly!? I caught the flu this weekend, so I basically blamed everything on it. And so, since I was in a blaming mood, I blamed the massive ache in my jaw as part of my flu =P Turns out it wasn't the flu, but instead my wisdom tooth was growing out and killing me like no tomorrow! lol, yes, so all the previous times I thought it was too much sugar or my clumsiness of bumping my jaw, it was the wisdom tooth kicking in -_-'

While I can still use the excuse of being sick and grouchy, I guess I'll state it again. I do NOT like it nor appreciate it when people complain to me about school. Each and every time I go online, people say they want to chat, but it is their way of saying, I need someone to complain to about my school life. I am not that person. Not that I don't care about you, I just don't care about Calculus, Chemistry, and all that stuff that is now behind me.

Now that that is finally off my chest, onto some series briefing. Watched the ending of Men in Pain, and from watching the ending, it was pretty entertaining. Started the middle of Love Guaranteed, and Ram Tseung is one funny man, really liking him with Rain Lau right now. Finishing Face to Fate (two more episodes to go), and Derek finally re-appeared!! hehe, I really love the supporting cast, I think they are the main reason I keep watching this series^^ And of course, Raymond is still uber cool, I totally understand where he's coming from. That or I just think he's cool, LOL

What else, what else... ooh, I'm getting glasses!! hehe, well, I'm near-sighted, and have been since Grade Ten, but haven't worn glasses in like five, six years! But I really needed to have a substitute from my contacts, I was wearing them past the comfort zone. And I decided that I really needed a change, for my own sake or for the sake of others ;)

Friday, September 22, 2006

An Asian Thing

Is it just me, or is it an Asian thing to be easily embarassed?! I was at work this morning, and Kevin totally made me feel humiliated in front of all the guys. Seriously, it's his life goal to make me feel awkward around all the guys I work with. But needless to say, Scott made it better, he's like the reason I bother looking nice for work =P Actually, my manager Sandi is one of the main reasons I like my job, she's always so easy-going and flexible with my work schedule and what not, it makes it much more comfortable to approach her with things =)

Hmm... nothing much else to say, I've been killed wtih school lately, so no time to do anything else, not for friends, series, or SLEEP!! Maybe this weekend I'll get my life back and then rant a whole ton, LOL

Oh, one thing I told my sister I'd do for her like months ago... let me repeat, she told me to say it. Quoted from her, "Tams, you should post this somewhere - RON HAS FAT EARS!" I know, go figure hey, of all the things to notice about a guy, she notices his ears, LOL

Monday, September 18, 2006

Spending Spree

Oh gosh, how utterly depressing, I don't think I've spent so much as I have these past few months. Shopping, movies, shopping, bowling, shopping, food, and it goes on -_-' I'm like keen on not spending anymore for the next month or two, possibly three =( On the little bright side, love my white jacket! lol, yes, that does cheer me up a bit, well worth my money. And I keep telling myself, as long as I keep with my current job, then everything will be fine =P Speaking of work, I work today ;)

So I've been surfing around Raymond Forest, and came across this magazine about his filming for "Tong Sum Fung Bo", where there was supposed to be an emotional scene between him and Linda Chung, and she of course needed artificial tears to force the scene out. What a way to kill the atmosphere AND bring down Raymond's performance. Expected none-the-less. I just keep motivating myself, there's still Raymond and Yoyo to look forward too. Speaking of Yoyo, if she really is with Ekin, I'd be happy for them, they're both the happy-go-lucky type^^

Up to Episode 20 in Face to Fate, and I found myself forwarding through the series. Always happens when I'm watching series, I try to watch all of it, but by the time I'm half-way through the series, I just get tired of it, and skip to parts I want to watch. Sadly, that's like not even five minutes of each episode lately -_-' Ooh, but a pretty entertaining series lately, Welcome to the House! Raymond Cho and Johnson Lee are just hilarious!! One is so practical, the other such a push-over. Missed a massive chunk of the beginning, but I'll just keep watching from here, since I generally just watch their parts =P

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Watching Spree

Wow, it's only been one week, and I already feel like I'm falling behind in class, how sad it that -_-' hehe, well, it's not that bad, just need to read my chapters up in Comm 363 ;)

So, started Angels of Mission this week, and it's pretty good. Watched up to Episode Ten, and so far I like Sonija's character quite a bit, determined and capable. I hope to achieve that in my career some time in the near future. Gilbert and her would have been awesome, but he got kind of freaky stalkerish O_o Shirley's character is hilarious, she's so "thick-faced" it cracks me up. Loved the part where she told that stalker to stop saying her name or she would "back-hand him"! But it was sad watching Ram Tseung's case, his life was so miserable, Shirley really didn't want to shoot him =( And wow, I must say, Charmaine's been in the business longer, but her acting was not as preferable as the other two. She always tries to put on that cold stare, but instead of looking cool, it looked like something was wrong with her eyes... love her hair though, LOL

Skimming Land of Wealth, and so far enjoying Steven and Sonija's relationship, just friends who can share anything. Also liking Moses and Sonija. Moses is always so solemn and sad, so it's nice to see Sonija cheer him up. By the way, Sonija is much more natural in this series, definite improvement. Watched the "making of" for the series, and Moses is such a goof, loved the part where Sonija was throwing those "man taus" at him, and it nailed him on the forehead, and both of them starting cracking up like crazy, hehe

Ooh, since I'm on a watching-spree rant, I watched Ricky Bobby last Friday, and I LOVE the guy who plays Will Ferrell's dad - Gary Cole! He's so cool, and of course I got made fun of once again, for liking certain type of guys. Oh, and the Friday before, my younger sister and I went and watched Material Girls! Haha, rank chick-flick, but we needed to do something to pass time by, since we locked ourselves out of our own house. Yeah, hard to believe, two Uni students, and yet, not one remembered to take the house keys when going out =P We were going to head to VHQ to rent a movie, and as I was driving, it hit me that we didn't have the house key with the car key. But we didn't even end up renting a movie, 'cause aside from not being able to get in the house to watch it, we have never rented a movie before -_-' So yeah, we just decided to go to the new theatre and catch a movie instead, lol

I think I saw Carl that night too, not sure though, it was really dark, so couldn't tell. I notice that I've been bumping into a lot of people from highschool and dance lately. Just this past month alone, I've re-encountered Vince, Bryce, Josh, Tony, Alfred, Betsy, Meghan, Kelly, Sara, Mandy, Jeff, and I could really go on forever. Makes me miss a lot of people, but at the same time, when I hear them all remark as to how much I've changed, I'm glad that my past is way back in the past, I prefer how I am now.

Was very happy at work today, no particular reason, plain happy. Well, there are reasons, but no particular reason, hehe, getting late now, nites! Ooh, one more thing - CONGRATS to Lukas for winning Rockstar Supernova!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Losing is Not an Option

Wah, finally finished Central Affairs, and wow, talk about Raymond Wong all over again. lol, actually, the series is pretty much dumb, especially near the end, what the crap was the maid thinking!? It's like she had no conscious and only knew how to do what she was told. Meh, Helena Law and Raymond made their parts worthwhile, hehe, wish I had such an easy-going grandma =P Not that mine isn't cool, 'cause Grams is cool too, just that she has that component of reality, unlike TV. I think it should have ended with Gilbert (i.e. Charles) being with Jo (Rachel) or "Selina", that would have been nice. And my dear Raymond, he lost horribly. He could have won it all, but he gave in to something utterly undeserving of all he had. It would kill me to lose, probably end up being as pathetic as Michelle, and using everybody around me just to win.

Hey, I'm working tomorrow!! haha, I sound like such a dork, but I think I'll enjoy my schedule there, I get so much done when I'm just focusing on work itself with no one around to bother me. Oh gosh, I feel my hermit nature coming back. But it does get cold and boring sometimes, so luckily Fridays will be regular mornings where I get to see everyone again^^

School so far is quite good. Everything is going pretty well, especially my Finance classes, like them both, the later one much better though, 'cause there's this hot guy in the class ;) haha, yes, as everyone has been telling me, I am a fickle, fickle person. I see one, like one, think of another person, like that other person. But I'm not that horrible, I'm only like this, because I'm not actually seeing anyone right now. When I'm actually dating, it's just that one guy.

Okay, that's enough for tonight, time for Land of Wealth. I'm not one for drama and seeing people suffer, but I would like to see Moses, Sonija, and Steven on the screen again, hehe, the only factors for me to watch this series =P

Horrible, Horrible Dream

Am I not pathetic, this is the third post today (even though it's past midnight, considered the same day since I haven't slept). Right now, I have a massive-ass headache. That dream is bothering me, a lot. The people in the dream were people who just once passed by in life, and they were there acting out their roles, watching as I forced myself to solve all the problems, all the while holding up a smile to satisfy them.

It reminds me of a story I once told someone, "The Teary-Eyed Clown." It's been three years, I'm sure he has now forgotten of it, I would have. He was in the dream as well.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Horrible Dream

Didn't mention in my post this morning, I had a really, really horrible dream last night. I thought I could just brush it off, so didn't mention it, but it was the only thing that was in my head this entire day. It wasn't really a nightmare, because there was nothing wacked-out scary about it, but it woke me up and kept me up the rest of the night, and that has never happened to me before. I don't even know how to explain it, but it was just not good, I don't think I'll be able to stop thinking about it for a while.

So work this afternoon went pretty well. I only work three hours on Mondays, so it's not hard work, just a lot of files to go through. And I didn't see that particular someone, so no awkwardness occurring. It was actually nice, 'cause I just worked, didn't have to think much on anything. I think people were right when they said I have no sense of commitment.

Did I mention I've taken a liking to Justin's songs. Yeah, all you girls probably got me into it. lol, I'm kidding, I just started taking up some song-listening, since there's not much I do online now that I've dropped everything aside from blogging. hehe, quite liking "Kuet Jin Yee Sai Jo" (i.e. Battle Wealthy Boy), humorous and definitely different from all those songs out there. Actually, my current favorite song: It Ends Tonight - The All American Rejects. Fits my mood lately.

Anyway, I better go start reading on my Comm 363 chapter readings, need to pull my act together this term ;)

Going Back to Work

I'm going back to work today!! After classes that is >.< hehe, kind of excited and yet... it's going to be kind of awkward with... yeah. lol

aww... I'm finally finishing Central Affairs, from like more than half a year ago, and got to the part where Raymond (Wong) kills Helena Law. The whole part leading up to her death was so heart-wrenching, 'cause you knew she would never really want him convicted, but he just never learned =( Also, I'm a sucker for the grandparent/grandchild relationships, 'cause I think they mean much more than the lovesick couples who take an entire series to realize they love one another.

Okay, that's about it, short ramble today, haha, yes, I know, surprisingly, lol

Saturday, September 09, 2006

New Bloggie

Voila! haha, yes, I'm sure most of you are going to be like what the heck, starting fresh - AGAIN!? lol, and yes, I sure am =P I just don't feel like dealing with hosts and all that jazz, so I thought might as well just go simple and find a decent place where I can blog. Oh, and since my laptop burned up, no PSP, i.e. no images to post >.<

So what has Tammy been up to these past few months? Working, and loving it, of course. I'm keeping it as a part-time while heading back to Uni. Uni classes started on Wednesday, and so far it's looking hopeful, lol, now let's pray it stays that way. As for my dear social life, well, I'm preparing for hibernation from that, haha, happens every year, I like end up cutting myself off from the rest of the world the moment classes start. As for the other part of my social life, if you fall under the category of Kimbo, Eileen, or Mandy, then I believe it's enough said, LOL

Now some random HK entertainment news to peck at. Tavia and her breast enhancement. For someone who kept claiming how she is satisfied and confident with her figure, looks like that confidence cracked =P And oh gosh, my dear Raymond in "Tong Sum Fung Bo", I was going to watch that series for him, but reading the news with him in that series, I think I'll even have to skip his parts. But I'm totally cool that he is with Yoyo, rooting for them all the way!

Speaking of series, watching Face to Fate right now, and originally loving Raymond, but wow did he get booted the moment Derek hit the screen! lol, I like waited 11, 12 episodes, and put up with Tavia's pure idiocy that whole time (I'm sorry, but don't tell me she didn't annoy the hell out of you the past 12 episodes before Derek showed up), just to see him. Sure, the costume co-ordinator sucked at designing his look, but I can definitely overlook that. Ooh, and don't you just love Frankie's singing! hehe, aside from the fact that I'm bias, and like Frankie's singing, I really do like the sub-theme. Though I feel that Tavia sounds raw next to him. I know, I know, seems like I'm totally picking on Tavia tonight, but I can say, I'm not, that's seriously what I feel.

Hmm... nothing else to really say, except one uber duber important thing!! I love EILEEN MUI!! I got a package from her yesterday, and it totally made my day! Solely because it came from her, lol, thanks so much mui *mwhuah* *mwhuah* And here I must apologize to my dear Eileen mui, she made me the cutest Pirates of the Carribean layout, featuring my favorite actor (Johnny Depp, if you seriously need me to state it, lol), and I couldn't even use it (coding issues), so uber sorry for that -_-' But I know my dear mui will forgive me - right? lol

That is all for tonight, nites!