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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Waiting on Christmas!!

I got my first Christmas present on Wednesday!! Thank you to Eileen mui for the Justin CD!! You're so great, he's so cool, and I've been playing it every night before bed, LOL

Also, the very next day, I got a pretty phone strap from Mandy mui, hehe, a more feminine phone strap for my variety of phone straps =P

Last night my company had an early Christmas gathering, so we all went bowling and then out to supper. To put it simply, I had a very wonderful time. A different kind of wonderful though. Normally when I'm out with friends, it's more of a crazy, do a bundle of out-of-the-norm things, and meeting a lot of random people kind of situation. Plus, everyone is all around the same age. But this one was good in that it was more of a social gathering where everyone knows each other and laughed and talked about the silliest thing. I actually laughed myself to tears, and it was so hilarious, because the first thing I asked one of the driver's wife was whether or not I smeared my eyeliner from wiping the tears from my eyes (haha, yes, I am rather vain that way), and then he turns to his wife and was like, how about me, how about me, LOL =P And of course, all of us are of a different age range, so it wasn't really about meeting anyone in particular, but a bonding kind of time, since I'm already rarely at work, and then add on that half of them are rarely in the building during work, so it was to actually just sit down and chat =)

And I bumped into a friend that afternoon after work while I was shopping for gifts, and we talked for a while about all the things running around in our lives, and she was wanting to have a get-together with a bunch of us from highschool, so I really can't wait for that since it's been a while that we all got together and hung out ;)

Everything generally just feels great in every possible way recently, and I'm not sure if it's the hype from waiting on Christmas to come or the snowballing effect of my life making a beautiful turn, but I'm loving it, lol

But yes, time to stop now as I am yet to start studying for my LAST final. And of course before ending off, I must say I love Michael Miu!! lol, he's just so great in every single way possible, and regardless of his outcome in Dicey Business, he's still the best! LOL


Anonymous Eileen said...

hehe I'm glad you like it! :) oh lordie, just 4 more days!!! I'm totally going to lose my mind x_x lol!!!

10:11 PM

Anonymous Mandy said...

hehe, your welcome! As long as you're not bored of me getting you phone straps lol =.=

Sounds like you had a fun weekend and a fun Christmas to come though! =P

9:14 PM


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