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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Good looking, good character, good season

You know what, Jude Law is very good looking. haha, The Holiday is currently airing, and there are trailers and posters for it everywhere, so it's hard to not notice him (even more, lol). He like stands out with his absolutely charming smile. Yup, he's definitely the reason I want to watch the movie (then again, I don't like Cameron Diaz, so likely won't end up watching, hehe).

Oh, and you know who else is uber duber cool - Michael Miu!! I finally got bored of watching Dicey Business, so am skimming it like no tomorrow, but every second Michael's on, I'm like rewinding it and watching it again, and again. He's so great =P

And you know what makes this holiday so special, the Christmas spirit. I'm like constantly in a beautiful mood, regardless of the stress for finals and what not, it's undeniable. Can't wait until Finals are over and Christmas break officially starts (on the 21st for me), because I really need to get out and enjoy the seasonal spirit - and meet people ;)


Anonymous Mandy said...

hehe, Jude Law is cute and Michael Miu is hot!!!

I like this Christmas mood and this year, I'm actually enjoying shopping for presents! It used to be such a hassle and tiring but I'm finding it fun this year =P

2:39 PM


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