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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Finals, Christmas Shopping, and The Price of Greed

Finals are officially DONE!! Holy moly, finished my last final today, and to my high beliefs, I believe I aced this one ;) Now to get on going with my life!! LOL

Ooh, of course the first thing on the list of to-dos for my break is Christmas Shopping!! Man, it killed to go to the mall today, but I got ALL my Christmas shopping done - aside from the family ones, lol. And I got myself a brown patterned tube top, as a gift for being so good with work =)

The Price of Greed is finally released, you can download the themevideo here. From the themevideo, Kate is the female lead. But that's all right, I'm still cool with the series, and Shirley has a good role, and that's more important to me ;) Really like the family relationship between Kingdom, Shirley, and Bosco, no doubt better than the one I have with my family =P Although this series isn't meant to be sad, it tends to feel sad, and that makes me feel sad =( Like the emotional arguments between Kingdom and Bosco, and when Shirley is crying. It's funny how both Kingdom and Bosco's biggest fear is Shirley crying, lol. A special mention on Shirley's improvement on the crying skills. It might be that it's because she's a mute, but her crying is more silent and subtle in this series =)

The pace of the series is quite fast, it's like all the love relationships are already all set. The background to some characters were not what I expected, but I definitely called it when I said that Shirley would like Bosco, and Bosco would only like Kate. So if all goes with the prediction, Shirley will end up alone, and Bosco and Kate will be together, while Sammul of course gets what he deserves as the villian.

Also, a mention to Kwok Fung, he is a loving dad and really wants the best for Kate, but love sucks that way, once you fall, you fall hard, and that is what happened to Kate for Sammul. hehe, yes, as you can see, I am highly enjoying the series. Better end off now before I write a whole ton of a summary for the series, lol


Anonymous Mandy said...

hehe, I just watched the first 2 episodes of TPOG and I'm loving it!! I love the whole sign language thing and you're right, the series has this sad sensation to it. Maybe because I'm always seeing Kingdom crying and then Shirley all teary -eyed. =.= And I'm actually liking the Bosco and Shirley pairing, they're so sweet!

3:31 PM


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