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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Word spreading, Movie, and Survivor

So, last night, my younger sister and I went to the movies with my neighbor and her younger sister, and when the two of us went over to their house, her dad was like are you all right. Oblivious to what he meant, I was like yeah, I think so, should I not be all right. Turns out, my grandma had told her mom, who told her husband, who asked me if I was all right when there were all the nosy parents in the Asian community present. Talk about words spreading fast, and I didn't even mention a word of it to anyone, aside from a couple of my close friends. Of course, my neighbor felt cut since I didn't tell her, but seriously, it'd be weird if I called her up and was like hey Karen, guess what, I totalled my car.

Anyway, we went to watch Night at the Museum, and I highly recommend it to everyone. Regardless of your age, sex, and yadda, yadda, it is an entertaining movie, and definitely hilarious on the most part ;)

Oh, and I never mentioned it earlier, so I'll say it now - Congratulations to Yul for winning Survivor: Cook Island!! He deserves it in every single way possible, intelligent, capable, and a great built, what more do I have to say ;) hehe, don't get me wrong, Ozzy was cool too, with his built and out-of-the-ordinary survival abilities, he did win the vast majority of the challenges. But this isn't just a survival game, because then Ozzy would have won, but this is a competition game, so when there are people as part of the game, strategies come into play, and as Jonathon puts it, "Yul played you all." It was so funny, because during the after-finale, they all kept making fun of Yul and how he is always so analytical about everything, and was like the probability of this and this happening is this and this ratio, lol. Also, I noticed that, though I've always prefered guys without facial hair, those two both looked better with facial hair than not, especially Ozzy. Saw the after-finale show, and oh gosh, Ozzy definitely needed his facial hair back =P But glad that Yul won the game, and that Ozzy won the car, 'cause Ozzy deserves recognition as well =) Ooh, and I loved that the last four were the four people who started as the minority alliance group, yet they managed to beat the odds and stick through to the very end!

Oh, and before I forget, Merry Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope everyone has an uber duber fantastical Christmas, and a safe and joyous New Year!!


Anonymous Mandy said...

Ooh, that Asian guy kinda reminds me of Kenny Wong with his built-ness! lol but I don't watch Survivor so I don't know the whole story but I do know that they're competing and yet, they're all hugging each other in that last pic, that's cute =)

Anyway, I finally see where you get the idea of all Asians being nosy because they are!! And you're right, I see no reason for you to suddenly go up to someone and tell them that you got into a car crash for whatever reason. It just doesn't make sense, weird neighbors you have there =.=

12:55 PM


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