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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Start of the Christmas month

So, I got into a car accident yesterday morning (yes, what a way to start my December). The car is pretty much totalled, and I injured some soft tissues, but nothing severe. Everything was generally absorbable, aside from my dad's idiocy, which I prefer to just end there. But the pain is finally kicking in today, I'm sore all around the neck area, so I assume I got whiplash, which sucks. Oh, and the cop that came to help me was hot, I remember that, lol, I'm such a dork, I know, wasn't exactly the time to notice that was it, LOL

But yeah, since it seems like everyone is out making Christmas lists and doing Christmas shopping now, I thought I might as well do the same =P

1. Eason Chan - What's Going On...? (CD+DVD)
- I'm a fan of Eason, though I don't talk about it or show it, lol, he's an actual talent, love him

2. Jay Chou - Still Fantasy (CD+DVD)
- I've always quite liked Jay, he's the very rare talent of the new flow of generation singers, haha

3. Janice M. Vidal (Wei Lan) - Do U Know (CD+DVD)
- Currently taking a liking to Janice, her songs are nice to relax to, hehe

4. And I like CLOTHES. I prefer form-fitting clothes (especially halters, the ones that tie around the neck, they are so pretty), because I'm vain and like to show off my figure, LOL =P

Ooh, speaking of clothes, I was surfing online, and found some that I wish this dinky city would provide, lol

a. I really, really love this one.

b. This one is pretty cool.

c. I like how this one has an oriental feel.

d. Same goes with this, but I generally love this cutting of clothes.

e. Meh, nothing in particular.

f. Love how this can turn inside out, like two shirts in one, LOL

g. I would prefer this in white.

h. This one's way too cute!


Anonymous eileen said...

wow such a long wishlist lol anyway, i hope you get better soon!!!

3:01 PM

Anonymous Mandy said...

Omg, I love those clothes that you put up! See this is what I'd like to wear when I want my change of style. =)

And I still say you're crazy for going to school and work right after what happened. =.= And then you even noticed about the hot cop, hehe. But hope you'll recover from all the pain soon!!

5:20 PM


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