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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Winter is OFFICIALLY here!!

My gosh, snow is one thing, but wind just kills! A group of us were chatting about the weather in Sociology yesterday, and one of the guys was like, it's supposed to be 28 this weekend. Out of reaction, I was like plus 28? Needless to say, I got mocked. Seriously, I don't understand why it's so cold here, we're in the middle of nowhere, yet we get the most extreme weather, and China thinks they have it bad. LOL

Well, let's see, this past week has pretty much been like hell - ten times over, lol =P But let's not go into the details, otherwise this entry will never end, lol. But one thing that I felt kind of bad about was asking for time off work - just the night before. Luckily my manager was really understanding about it. And in the end, I knew I made the right choice, had to set my priorities straight.

So how do I plan on rewarding myself for all that, I plan on going out this weekend!! haha, I know, I know, I'm out every other weekend, but still, I deserve to have fun. And while I'm young, might as well meet new people, do new things ;)

I started watching Dicey Business (what an utterly silly title for a drama), and it's actually quite all right. I think Tavia wants a change in character type (from her oh-so self-sacrificial roles), but it's not passing off too well. Jessica is pretty funny, just crazy, crazy gambling for her, lol. And of course Michael, just love, love, LOVE him like no tomorrow! hehe, you know how I'm a sucker for those type of guys =P Only up to Episode Two, so Bosco hasn't shown up yet, and Bobby is all right, his character is neutral =)

Hmm... not really watching anything else lately, wonder what other series will come out next, aside from Warlords. This lack of decent series to watch may a good sign for me to just focus on school, hehe. Speaking of, I better get cracking on some studying, while I'm still ahead of the game ;)


Anonymous Mandy said...

Omgosh, I so need to start on Dicey Business for Michael and even for Bobby! =D

lol, I always thought you went out like every weekend that's why I said you go out a lot =P But as long as you know your priorities, doesn't matter how many times you go out! ;)

4:20 PM


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