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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Price of Greed AND The Brink of Law AIRING!!

Just wanted to give everyone the GOOD news - Price of Greed will be airing in Australia on December 26, 2006!!

This means we will ALL get to watch it after Christmas =) hehe, yes, this makes me really happy, because it's on my break, which means free time and being able to watch a series I'm actually anticipating!

End of entry, lol

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

lol, okay, another good news, but I'm reluctant to start another new topic for it =P

The Brink of Law will be airing in HK startinig January 1, 2007!! haha, talk about double good news, hey ;)


Anonymous eileen said...

awesome :) can't wait till I see my ronnie again XD what a great way to start the new year XD

2:08 PM

Anonymous Mandy said...

haha, finally it's confirmed in HK too! =D But this is definitely a good time to air it!

2:57 PM


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