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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Screen Ramble

Nothing particular happened this week, aside from school and work-related matters, so guess I'll just skip to some screen reviews. I am YET to watch Borat, Happy Feet, and all those movies due to my tight schedule lately, so will definitely make time for it this weekend. But some other ones to add to the list are Bobby, and The Curse of the Golden Flower. Bobby is about the assassination of JFK and how the lives of others are affected during the event, and The Curse of the Golden Flower is about two rulers (Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li) competing each other for power, but eventually falls for one another, hehe, power is attraction ;)

Speaking of the screen, No Turning Back is really, really tragic. You can just see and feel the tense atmosphere at all times. Really don't like Patrick's hair, lol, that's the first thing I noticed about him! Hawick hasn't turned evil yet, and is currently pretty cool right now, lol. It was funny, because Hawick said a line to Patrick that I tend to say to my younger sister. It was, "The journey is unimportant, it is the outcome that matters." See, don't we make a good match =P hehe, actually, I'm anticipating for Gabriel Harrison to show up, I've always had a liking for him ;) Aww... and it was so sad watching Amy deal with her family. It's so messed up, yet I totally understand how she can't just ditch them, so horrible =(

Omigosh, another sad scene was from Dicey Business. The part where Bosco sees the guy that kidnapped him, and then you learn about the things he went through during his "hostage" days. The most horrible part is that it's already toned down for series, in reality, things are a lot worse =( Ooh, but what cheers me up - Michael!! hehe, I just love this guy like no tomorrow. Love how he is so matter-of-fact with everything he does, doesn't need to explain anything to anyone, just does what he feels he needs to do =)


Anonymous Mandy said...

Omg, I finally caught up on Dicey Business and Bosco is the saddest character ever! And then i love Michael's hotness and coolness and 'muk duk-ness', LOL And then Bobby and Jessica are just plain funny but then I have to admit that I was teary-eyed when Bobby cried.

Ooh, and I also wanna watch No Turning Back but I really have no time to do so. And my mom keeps telling me that it's not good =O

2:41 PM

Anonymous Cari said...

no matter how much i hate jay chou i will still watch it and support asia. it's not everyday an asian movie releases in american theaters. lmao xD

3:22 PM


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