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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Screen Ramble

Nothing particular happened this week, aside from school and work-related matters, so guess I'll just skip to some screen reviews. I am YET to watch Borat, Happy Feet, and all those movies due to my tight schedule lately, so will definitely make time for it this weekend. But some other ones to add to the list are Bobby, and The Curse of the Golden Flower. Bobby is about the assassination of JFK and how the lives of others are affected during the event, and The Curse of the Golden Flower is about two rulers (Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li) competing each other for power, but eventually falls for one another, hehe, power is attraction ;)

Speaking of the screen, No Turning Back is really, really tragic. You can just see and feel the tense atmosphere at all times. Really don't like Patrick's hair, lol, that's the first thing I noticed about him! Hawick hasn't turned evil yet, and is currently pretty cool right now, lol. It was funny, because Hawick said a line to Patrick that I tend to say to my younger sister. It was, "The journey is unimportant, it is the outcome that matters." See, don't we make a good match =P hehe, actually, I'm anticipating for Gabriel Harrison to show up, I've always had a liking for him ;) Aww... and it was so sad watching Amy deal with her family. It's so messed up, yet I totally understand how she can't just ditch them, so horrible =(

Omigosh, another sad scene was from Dicey Business. The part where Bosco sees the guy that kidnapped him, and then you learn about the things he went through during his "hostage" days. The most horrible part is that it's already toned down for series, in reality, things are a lot worse =( Ooh, but what cheers me up - Michael!! hehe, I just love this guy like no tomorrow. Love how he is so matter-of-fact with everything he does, doesn't need to explain anything to anyone, just does what he feels he needs to do =)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Winter is OFFICIALLY here!!

My gosh, snow is one thing, but wind just kills! A group of us were chatting about the weather in Sociology yesterday, and one of the guys was like, it's supposed to be 28 this weekend. Out of reaction, I was like plus 28? Needless to say, I got mocked. Seriously, I don't understand why it's so cold here, we're in the middle of nowhere, yet we get the most extreme weather, and China thinks they have it bad. LOL

Well, let's see, this past week has pretty much been like hell - ten times over, lol =P But let's not go into the details, otherwise this entry will never end, lol. But one thing that I felt kind of bad about was asking for time off work - just the night before. Luckily my manager was really understanding about it. And in the end, I knew I made the right choice, had to set my priorities straight.

So how do I plan on rewarding myself for all that, I plan on going out this weekend!! haha, I know, I know, I'm out every other weekend, but still, I deserve to have fun. And while I'm young, might as well meet new people, do new things ;)

I started watching Dicey Business (what an utterly silly title for a drama), and it's actually quite all right. I think Tavia wants a change in character type (from her oh-so self-sacrificial roles), but it's not passing off too well. Jessica is pretty funny, just crazy, crazy gambling for her, lol. And of course Michael, just love, love, LOVE him like no tomorrow! hehe, you know how I'm a sucker for those type of guys =P Only up to Episode Two, so Bosco hasn't shown up yet, and Bobby is all right, his character is neutral =)

Hmm... not really watching anything else lately, wonder what other series will come out next, aside from Warlords. This lack of decent series to watch may a good sign for me to just focus on school, hehe. Speaking of, I better get cracking on some studying, while I'm still ahead of the game ;)

Saturday, November 18, 2006


I was planning on going to Kitchner this Christmas break. It should be a happy thing really, but it's not. I originally decided against making the trip, and just work and hang out with friends here this Christmas break, but that plan changed after I got home yesterday.

Not that I don't want to talk to my family, but I have nothing to say to them, and what they say I'm not too concerned with. When a conversation does start, I just stand there and try to be part of the crowd. When I talk, they just feel dominated over and a conversation doesn't exist. So, at "supper" today, I told my mom I have decided to go visit my Amy Jie this Christmas break.

She doesn't want me to go needless to say. Understandable, but not tolerable. She just told me to tell my dad, so he can go and break the "no" to me. And you know, she can ask me all these questions, but I do not feel a need to tell her, because it is none of her business. She makes it seem like because I am going, she has the right to know everything, but she had mistaken one thing. I had never once asked for her permission, I was simply telling her my plans for this Christmas.

But I have officially decided to not go. I need to save up money, so when I graduate and get myself a job next year, I can move out. I've been planning this since I was legal to work, and I don't plan on ruining it.

Okay, that's enough for tonight, have to finish my Sociology paper tonight, so I can work on Computer Science assignment, and Risk and Insurance Management paper tomorrow =(

Monday, November 13, 2006

Fantastical Weekend!!

Yes, Tammy had a very wonderful long weekend this past week, and I'm finally all rested up and ready to go! This week will be a heavy one, since I have two term papers, two assignments, and a lab exam, all of which I have yet to start! So yes, have to pick up my slack and get going since I did nothing class-related this weekend -_-' But it was well worth it, I had a wonderful time hanging out with friends and what not ;)

Oh, but you know what got me really upset!? Okay, so a bunch of us went to a pub crawl Thursday night, and after heading to like the third, fourth bar, I realized I had lost the scarf my younger sister made for me! It bothered and still is bothering me to no end. If it had been a scarf I bought or made, no big deal, but my younger sister made it for me, and that makes me feel really bad, and I know she was really disappointed at me for losing it when I told her =( But it's basically died down now, and I prefer to not talk about it anymore.

On the bright side, went out for supper Saturday night with a couple friends, and that was really nice. It's nice to just sit and talk (i.e. actually have a in-depth conversation, haha). Then went and met up with the guys for bowling and pool (our last option, since Borat was sold out, hehe), and I hurt my finger playing pool, bled like crazy, but it's okay now =) Then the group of us went down to the club since it was another friend of mine was having a be-lated birthday get-together there. It was also the first time that both group of friends met each other! lol, yes, took a while there =P Had an absolutely fantastical time there, minus one incident o_O

Okay, now on with the online stuff, right? As everyone has probably watched or at least know, the TVB 39th Anniversary Awards are done and over. Just wanted to say Congratulations to Kenneth (everyone was really happy for him the moment his name was called), Kenny (after all those years, finally), Shirley (hehe, she kept going about how she loved her character when all winners talked about themselves), Steven (the poor guy and his eye), and King Sir (Chung King Fai)!!

Now I would really like to watch the TVB 2007 Sales Presenations! Even though Price of Greed wasn't announced as part of the 2007 presentations, I would still very much like to watch it, so hopefully it gets released soon =)

Now, time for bed, have early classes tomorrow morning, and would like to look decent while I'm there, LOL

My current loveable couple =P

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Total side note, but I think the couple of Ron and Shirley is growing on me =P Starting from the Anniversary, they walked out as a pair, they're going to the United States this December together, AND their series The Brink of Law will be releasing soon ;)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

LONG Weekend!!

Holy frig, it's feels like a whirlwind week! Since I was pretty much gone for a week from school due to my wisdom teeth surgery, I came back with a thousand things over-whelming me, which makes me wonder why I didn't just take time off work o_O And in the blink of an eye, the week is just about over (only two more classes) and I get a three-day weekend!

So Tams' plans for the weekend - out tonight, work tomorrow morning, out tomorrow night, work the next morning, and out that night as well. Somewhere along the line, I'll have to fit in finishing my four assignments. Kind of makes me wonder why I don't just cut down on my going out time, lol

TVB 39th Anniversary Awards results will be out tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure we all know who the female winners will be, which is why I'm more interested in knowing the results for the males =P I like Dodo's comment on the awards though, she said that she can't always try and hog the awards, the following generation would like them too. So take that Liza Wang!!

Really no other comment, I think I've burned out to really process anything else through my head. Oh, but I do believe Brink of Law will be airing soon, Steven mentioned it somewhere, sometime. That'd be nice, would like to watch a Steven and Shirley series, though they don't really have a relationship in that particular series.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Improving Graphics

Posted below are the TVB 2006 Highlights Issue IV, credits to TVB Square.

My thoughts on some of them...

Most Favorite Poster: Brink of Law

Seriously, is that not the world's coolest poster ever!? TVB has shown improvement! It's like a graphic art some gifted people online make ;) hehe, just for that, it makes me anticipate for the series =P Ooh, and special mention to Dicey Business, way cute! It's like so cartoon-ish, almost like a board game cover, hehe =P

Most Anticipated Series: Price of Greed and Brink of Law

I still want to see Price of Greed!! hehe, I love the slogan it came with, I love the title it has, and I generally quite like the cast. Also, would like to watch Brink of Law - because of the poster. lol, I'm kidding, the poster helps, but I think it's an interesting topic. I love Steven, and Shirley's character seems really cool, though I can already tell you the ending of the series, way too typical. And did you notice that in the listing of the names, Shirley is listed as the first female lead, yet she has the smallest picture of the all the girls in the poster. I think it's because TVB is no longer trying to promote her, but her character is actually quite significant to the story.

That's all I really have to say, just thought I'd share a bit of my two cents while I'm in a posting mood, lol

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Perfect Life

Happy be-lated Halloween everyone!! Just four days late, that's not too bad, lol

So, had my wisdom tooth pulled on Halloween, and you know what I did? I took advantage of my high tolerance for pain, and pigged out on my younger brother's chocolate bars, chips, gummies, cookies, you name it! And did I pay for it, yes, very much so =( I have been in so much pain the past four days, I haven't been able to sleep, eat, or go out. And I have to literally wake up every six hours to take pain killers and anti-biotics, it's horrible.

Wasn't planning on going to work on yesterday since I looked and felt like crap, but ended up going, because someone from work was leaving, and we were all going to go out for lunch with her. Not a good idea, I could barely eat and talk, but whatever, it was nice to just be there, and I had to give her her going away card =)

Went and watched Flushed Away last night, and those slugs are the world's cutest things! They like made the movie for me, lol! Other than that, it was a decent movie, La Frog was pretty funny too, French people, so stereotyped, haha! I really want to watch BORAT! Now that seems like a hilarious movie, except it's not out here yet, which is silly, because it should be. Just because I live in a small city, doesn't mean I don't enjoy watching movies =P

Up to Episode Nine in To Grow with Love, and I feel so bad for Claire already =( I just feel that her and Andy were not only the picture perfect couple, but they really tried to make things work. I think the most heart-wrenching relationships are the relationships where it's not that two people don't love one another nor is it that one person is not giving enough in a realtionship, but because of some twist of fate that ruins two people who do love each other.

Seems like everyone is changing their blog layout, I would like that too. Just not quite sure what I want or what I'm currently into right now. I think I've lost feeling and interest in things, lol, that would seriously be horrible.

Went to work this morning, and was talking to my manager, and we just talked about literally everything - work, family, even relationships. We share a lot of the same views on things, and I really do admire her in all areas of life. How she handle all aspects of things makes me envious, but also very hopeful that my life can be like that too. She enjoys the job the she has (not to mention it's high-paying), she is super close with her family, and her and her husband always seems to be like a couple that just started dating, the stage where you don't feel obligated to him anymore than you do anyone else. I guess I'm really double standard, I have two different aspects of "the perfect life" and I just want to achieve one of the two in the near future.

But yes, that was my long ramble for the night, have to head out now. My friend's having a going-away party, and if I miss this one too, she's going to hate me, lol