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Monday, November 13, 2006

Fantastical Weekend!!

Yes, Tammy had a very wonderful long weekend this past week, and I'm finally all rested up and ready to go! This week will be a heavy one, since I have two term papers, two assignments, and a lab exam, all of which I have yet to start! So yes, have to pick up my slack and get going since I did nothing class-related this weekend -_-' But it was well worth it, I had a wonderful time hanging out with friends and what not ;)

Oh, but you know what got me really upset!? Okay, so a bunch of us went to a pub crawl Thursday night, and after heading to like the third, fourth bar, I realized I had lost the scarf my younger sister made for me! It bothered and still is bothering me to no end. If it had been a scarf I bought or made, no big deal, but my younger sister made it for me, and that makes me feel really bad, and I know she was really disappointed at me for losing it when I told her =( But it's basically died down now, and I prefer to not talk about it anymore.

On the bright side, went out for supper Saturday night with a couple friends, and that was really nice. It's nice to just sit and talk (i.e. actually have a in-depth conversation, haha). Then went and met up with the guys for bowling and pool (our last option, since Borat was sold out, hehe), and I hurt my finger playing pool, bled like crazy, but it's okay now =) Then the group of us went down to the club since it was another friend of mine was having a be-lated birthday get-together there. It was also the first time that both group of friends met each other! lol, yes, took a while there =P Had an absolutely fantastical time there, minus one incident o_O

Okay, now on with the online stuff, right? As everyone has probably watched or at least know, the TVB 39th Anniversary Awards are done and over. Just wanted to say Congratulations to Kenneth (everyone was really happy for him the moment his name was called), Kenny (after all those years, finally), Shirley (hehe, she kept going about how she loved her character when all winners talked about themselves), Steven (the poor guy and his eye), and King Sir (Chung King Fai)!!

Now I would really like to watch the TVB 2007 Sales Presenations! Even though Price of Greed wasn't announced as part of the 2007 presentations, I would still very much like to watch it, so hopefully it gets released soon =)

Now, time for bed, have early classes tomorrow morning, and would like to look decent while I'm there, LOL

My current loveable couple =P

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Total side note, but I think the couple of Ron and Shirley is growing on me =P Starting from the Anniversary, they walked out as a pair, they're going to the United States this December together, AND their series The Brink of Law will be releasing soon ;)


Anonymous eileen said...

i can't wait till my hubbie comes... i want to take a picture with him and hug him and talk to him.. EVERYTHING. AND i want to show him a picture of my site and hopefully get a manuscript or something... AHHH can't wait!!!

9:14 AM

Anonymous mandy said...

hehe, I love the way Steven stood out this year with his eye thing.

hmm, so Brink of Law would be released before Price of Greed even though Price of Greed was filmed way before!? =.=

6:57 PM


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