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Monday, November 06, 2006

Improving Graphics

Posted below are the TVB 2006 Highlights Issue IV, credits to TVB Square.

My thoughts on some of them...

Most Favorite Poster: Brink of Law

Seriously, is that not the world's coolest poster ever!? TVB has shown improvement! It's like a graphic art some gifted people online make ;) hehe, just for that, it makes me anticipate for the series =P Ooh, and special mention to Dicey Business, way cute! It's like so cartoon-ish, almost like a board game cover, hehe =P

Most Anticipated Series: Price of Greed and Brink of Law

I still want to see Price of Greed!! hehe, I love the slogan it came with, I love the title it has, and I generally quite like the cast. Also, would like to watch Brink of Law - because of the poster. lol, I'm kidding, the poster helps, but I think it's an interesting topic. I love Steven, and Shirley's character seems really cool, though I can already tell you the ending of the series, way too typical. And did you notice that in the listing of the names, Shirley is listed as the first female lead, yet she has the smallest picture of the all the girls in the poster. I think it's because TVB is no longer trying to promote her, but her character is actually quite significant to the story.

That's all I really have to say, just thought I'd share a bit of my two cents while I'm in a posting mood, lol


Anonymous mandy said...

Aww thanks for posting them! I really do like the poster for Brink of Law, it reminds me of fanfic posters that people make online. And the title is pretty intelligent title for TVB.

And omg, I just noticed that Bosco's in like 3 out of 8 of these series which is pretty sad but I saw it coming.

Ooh but I'm finally finished episode 8 of TGWL today and I know what you mean by feeling bad for Claire!! Claire has no idea that Andy went all the way to surprise her either. Now things are just totally different. Poor Claire. =(

9:19 PM

Anonymous Cari said...

eek! i am totally anticipating all them bosco series and especially RON!! lols. woww.. bosco seems to be very hot with tvb. he has like 3 series for one quarter o.o hahah.

5:28 PM


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