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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Two-week update

I walked by my crush this morning, and it's like the same routine every time I see him - melt. hehe, I say that, but that's only when I see him, other times, I barely remember what he looks like =P I used to say that I like guys tall, dark, and handsome, but I've come to realize all guys I've taken a liking to have been more so sandy-haired and cute (way cute). But when it comes to guys, my friend Hilary has got to be the most hilarious. She knows my crush, so she is always joking that she's going to tell him about how overly cute I think he is, but when she sees the guy she's been obsessing forever about, she like shies away like no tomorrow, i.e. no eye contact, no conversation, just staring from afar. Wonder why people do that, I would definitely rather the guy know I'm in existence than to blend into the crowd like everyone else. And one day, me and another friend of ours commented on how good her guy looked that day, she was like, no, he was smokin', lol

But yes, enough about my male talk for the day, my 21st birthday is coming in TEN days!! Yes, it is a rather big deal for me, as I am not getting any younger, and would very much so like to spend every waking moment of it in pure happiness. This year's birthday I would like to do something different. For the past couple years, my birthday has landed on a weekday, meaning spending my birthday from like 8AM to 10PM at the University due to midterms and group projects/presentations, and celebrating it four days later on a weekend just isn't the same. So, this year it finally lands on a weekend, and I would like to make the most of it =)

Let's see, what else to rant about... nothing really. I've been trying to give it more oil in regards to school, and that looks like it's taking shape. Been going out more often and less online, which is a very good sign, as Internet kills time and social life. Work is decent, don't get to see everyone I would like since I only work once a week, but still decent ;) Family is same old, same old, can't really expect much else. So yeah, that was my update for past two weeks.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Historical Blizzard

Ooh, first post of the year, how exciting is that =P

Know what else was a first, the blizzard I experienced on Wednesday!! By blizzard, I mean, there was zero visibility to drive and the wind was going at 90km/hr - that's the highway speed limit!

The whole morning, the only thing on the radio was how many cars fell into the ditch on the highways and freeways, and how nobody could see where they were going, yet there was still school and work to go to. Turns out, it wasn't just bad weather or heavy snow, it was a freaking blizzard starting up. During the morning, I was like oh, look how pretty it looks outside and took pictures of it through the window. By the afternoon, it started picking up so bad, I couldn't see anything outside aside from the snow blowing all over the place. I headed to one of my Finance classes, and my professor was like Education building is closed, Health Science building is closed, and on and on, but the Commerce building was NOT, so we had to continue with class. I picked up my cell phone during class, and saw it blinking with my younger sister's call, and I thought she just wanted to leave early, so I didn't pick up. Later, I found I had eight missed calls from her, and was like okay, kind of just going at it. Then another missed call came from her, so I just messaged her with four words, "In class, leave message." And she returned the message with two words, "Storm! Phone!" Then I finally looked out the window, and holy crap, all the cars and trees were covered with snow that they just looked like white lumps, and snow was blowing everywhere, there was no way anyone could see one feet ahead of them. Then, another call from my sister came, and I was so close to get packing and leave. Not long after, the administrator of the building FINALLY came to our class and was like the University is officially closed, please leave the grounds as soon as possible, and I was out the door.

However, turns out all the roads to my house was closed, so there was no way of getting home, so my older sister, younger sister, and I went over to my older sister's boyfriend's place since he lives near the University. Turns out, it took almost an hour to get there when it normally shouldn't even take five minutes. We literally stayed over there for like hours and hours on end, and kept saying that we would leave once it died down, but it didn't and was getting worse. We called home, and only my grandma and mom was there, as my brother called from his elementary school to tell them he was WALKING home (but luckily his best friend's dad drove him home in the end) and my dad was kept at work because the University hospital said it was too dangerous for any of them to leave the place. We pretty much decided that we might have to stay over at his place if push came to shove, but we ended up driving home in the end. Not all that smart, since we got stuck in the blizzard, but luckily a man came out of his car and helped push us out. Normally it takes a maximum of 20 minutes to get home, took us over an hour to get home since we couldn't see anything aside from the back lights of the car in front of us.

In the end, we made it home safe, though we got stuck when were we just about home, and the garage door wasn't working, and the driveway was full of snow, it was pretty horrible. The next day, as we were checking the news and what not, we found out that this was the second most severe blizzard in our city, the first one happened over 50 years ago. So as crazy as it sounds, it was quite exciting to be experiencing the blizzard. I mean, I can tell my kids and grandchildren about all of it, and that I lived through it, hehe. But yes, just thought I'd share that since it was pretty cool ;)