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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Word spreading, Movie, and Survivor

So, last night, my younger sister and I went to the movies with my neighbor and her younger sister, and when the two of us went over to their house, her dad was like are you all right. Oblivious to what he meant, I was like yeah, I think so, should I not be all right. Turns out, my grandma had told her mom, who told her husband, who asked me if I was all right when there were all the nosy parents in the Asian community present. Talk about words spreading fast, and I didn't even mention a word of it to anyone, aside from a couple of my close friends. Of course, my neighbor felt cut since I didn't tell her, but seriously, it'd be weird if I called her up and was like hey Karen, guess what, I totalled my car.

Anyway, we went to watch Night at the Museum, and I highly recommend it to everyone. Regardless of your age, sex, and yadda, yadda, it is an entertaining movie, and definitely hilarious on the most part ;)

Oh, and I never mentioned it earlier, so I'll say it now - Congratulations to Yul for winning Survivor: Cook Island!! He deserves it in every single way possible, intelligent, capable, and a great built, what more do I have to say ;) hehe, don't get me wrong, Ozzy was cool too, with his built and out-of-the-ordinary survival abilities, he did win the vast majority of the challenges. But this isn't just a survival game, because then Ozzy would have won, but this is a competition game, so when there are people as part of the game, strategies come into play, and as Jonathon puts it, "Yul played you all." It was so funny, because during the after-finale, they all kept making fun of Yul and how he is always so analytical about everything, and was like the probability of this and this happening is this and this ratio, lol. Also, I noticed that, though I've always prefered guys without facial hair, those two both looked better with facial hair than not, especially Ozzy. Saw the after-finale show, and oh gosh, Ozzy definitely needed his facial hair back =P But glad that Yul won the game, and that Ozzy won the car, 'cause Ozzy deserves recognition as well =) Ooh, and I loved that the last four were the four people who started as the minority alliance group, yet they managed to beat the odds and stick through to the very end!

Oh, and before I forget, Merry Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope everyone has an uber duber fantastical Christmas, and a safe and joyous New Year!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Finals, Christmas Shopping, and The Price of Greed

Finals are officially DONE!! Holy moly, finished my last final today, and to my high beliefs, I believe I aced this one ;) Now to get on going with my life!! LOL

Ooh, of course the first thing on the list of to-dos for my break is Christmas Shopping!! Man, it killed to go to the mall today, but I got ALL my Christmas shopping done - aside from the family ones, lol. And I got myself a brown patterned tube top, as a gift for being so good with work =)

The Price of Greed is finally released, you can download the themevideo here. From the themevideo, Kate is the female lead. But that's all right, I'm still cool with the series, and Shirley has a good role, and that's more important to me ;) Really like the family relationship between Kingdom, Shirley, and Bosco, no doubt better than the one I have with my family =P Although this series isn't meant to be sad, it tends to feel sad, and that makes me feel sad =( Like the emotional arguments between Kingdom and Bosco, and when Shirley is crying. It's funny how both Kingdom and Bosco's biggest fear is Shirley crying, lol. A special mention on Shirley's improvement on the crying skills. It might be that it's because she's a mute, but her crying is more silent and subtle in this series =)

The pace of the series is quite fast, it's like all the love relationships are already all set. The background to some characters were not what I expected, but I definitely called it when I said that Shirley would like Bosco, and Bosco would only like Kate. So if all goes with the prediction, Shirley will end up alone, and Bosco and Kate will be together, while Sammul of course gets what he deserves as the villian.

Also, a mention to Kwok Fung, he is a loving dad and really wants the best for Kate, but love sucks that way, once you fall, you fall hard, and that is what happened to Kate for Sammul. hehe, yes, as you can see, I am highly enjoying the series. Better end off now before I write a whole ton of a summary for the series, lol

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Waiting on Christmas!!

I got my first Christmas present on Wednesday!! Thank you to Eileen mui for the Justin CD!! You're so great, he's so cool, and I've been playing it every night before bed, LOL

Also, the very next day, I got a pretty phone strap from Mandy mui, hehe, a more feminine phone strap for my variety of phone straps =P

Last night my company had an early Christmas gathering, so we all went bowling and then out to supper. To put it simply, I had a very wonderful time. A different kind of wonderful though. Normally when I'm out with friends, it's more of a crazy, do a bundle of out-of-the-norm things, and meeting a lot of random people kind of situation. Plus, everyone is all around the same age. But this one was good in that it was more of a social gathering where everyone knows each other and laughed and talked about the silliest thing. I actually laughed myself to tears, and it was so hilarious, because the first thing I asked one of the driver's wife was whether or not I smeared my eyeliner from wiping the tears from my eyes (haha, yes, I am rather vain that way), and then he turns to his wife and was like, how about me, how about me, LOL =P And of course, all of us are of a different age range, so it wasn't really about meeting anyone in particular, but a bonding kind of time, since I'm already rarely at work, and then add on that half of them are rarely in the building during work, so it was to actually just sit down and chat =)

And I bumped into a friend that afternoon after work while I was shopping for gifts, and we talked for a while about all the things running around in our lives, and she was wanting to have a get-together with a bunch of us from highschool, so I really can't wait for that since it's been a while that we all got together and hung out ;)

Everything generally just feels great in every possible way recently, and I'm not sure if it's the hype from waiting on Christmas to come or the snowballing effect of my life making a beautiful turn, but I'm loving it, lol

But yes, time to stop now as I am yet to start studying for my LAST final. And of course before ending off, I must say I love Michael Miu!! lol, he's just so great in every single way possible, and regardless of his outcome in Dicey Business, he's still the best! LOL

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Good looking, good character, good season

You know what, Jude Law is very good looking. haha, The Holiday is currently airing, and there are trailers and posters for it everywhere, so it's hard to not notice him (even more, lol). He like stands out with his absolutely charming smile. Yup, he's definitely the reason I want to watch the movie (then again, I don't like Cameron Diaz, so likely won't end up watching, hehe).

Oh, and you know who else is uber duber cool - Michael Miu!! I finally got bored of watching Dicey Business, so am skimming it like no tomorrow, but every second Michael's on, I'm like rewinding it and watching it again, and again. He's so great =P

And you know what makes this holiday so special, the Christmas spirit. I'm like constantly in a beautiful mood, regardless of the stress for finals and what not, it's undeniable. Can't wait until Finals are over and Christmas break officially starts (on the 21st for me), because I really need to get out and enjoy the seasonal spirit - and meet people ;)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Price of Greed AND The Brink of Law AIRING!!

Just wanted to give everyone the GOOD news - Price of Greed will be airing in Australia on December 26, 2006!!

This means we will ALL get to watch it after Christmas =) hehe, yes, this makes me really happy, because it's on my break, which means free time and being able to watch a series I'm actually anticipating!

End of entry, lol

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

lol, okay, another good news, but I'm reluctant to start another new topic for it =P

The Brink of Law will be airing in HK startinig January 1, 2007!! haha, talk about double good news, hey ;)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Start of the Christmas month

So, I got into a car accident yesterday morning (yes, what a way to start my December). The car is pretty much totalled, and I injured some soft tissues, but nothing severe. Everything was generally absorbable, aside from my dad's idiocy, which I prefer to just end there. But the pain is finally kicking in today, I'm sore all around the neck area, so I assume I got whiplash, which sucks. Oh, and the cop that came to help me was hot, I remember that, lol, I'm such a dork, I know, wasn't exactly the time to notice that was it, LOL

But yeah, since it seems like everyone is out making Christmas lists and doing Christmas shopping now, I thought I might as well do the same =P

1. Eason Chan - What's Going On...? (CD+DVD)
- I'm a fan of Eason, though I don't talk about it or show it, lol, he's an actual talent, love him

2. Jay Chou - Still Fantasy (CD+DVD)
- I've always quite liked Jay, he's the very rare talent of the new flow of generation singers, haha

3. Janice M. Vidal (Wei Lan) - Do U Know (CD+DVD)
- Currently taking a liking to Janice, her songs are nice to relax to, hehe

4. And I like CLOTHES. I prefer form-fitting clothes (especially halters, the ones that tie around the neck, they are so pretty), because I'm vain and like to show off my figure, LOL =P

Ooh, speaking of clothes, I was surfing online, and found some that I wish this dinky city would provide, lol

a. I really, really love this one.

b. This one is pretty cool.

c. I like how this one has an oriental feel.

d. Same goes with this, but I generally love this cutting of clothes.

e. Meh, nothing in particular.

f. Love how this can turn inside out, like two shirts in one, LOL

g. I would prefer this in white.

h. This one's way too cute!