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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

TVB 2007 Calendar

This post is specially for Eileen and Mandy, since they haven't seen the calendars yet (otherwise I wouldn't even bother making a post for TVB, lol), credits to Bebe for scanning.

The cover - just not even bothering to cover up any more, LOL

The months...

Friday, October 27, 2006

Vanity - every girl's characteristic

My mom and dad are indeed two very different people. Can never say who is better or who is worse, but when it comes to practicality, my mom takes first place. My dad never really goes out of his way to state every day on how he thinks his dear children look, but when we do dress up, he'll notice, he'll comment, and it's nice. My mom makes sure she reminds her dear children every day how important it is for people, in particular girls, to look pretty, and that the first thing that should ever matter, is how a person looks. Superficial? Not necessarily, more-so matter-of-fact and practical. But you know, I can't say that I don't agree. When people first look at you, they don't think, woah, check out that inner beauty. In the long run though, of course inner beauty wins out ;)

Speaking of the superficiality of society, I am currently watching To Grow with Love =P I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Something simple, sweet, and hopeful. There's no massively annoying character who's killing the series for me, but Eddie Kwan's character is bugging me... He's doing some under-handed things to boot Andy out of the picture with Claire, and I like the two together =( Selena did some pretty under-handed things to Myolie too, but karma hit her every single time that I feel so embarassed and pitiful towards her than anything, LOL! And Matthew, his character reminds me of Scott, most definitely.

Ooh, I saw the previews of the TVB 2007 Calendar, and I WANT IT!! Though they are basically selling the sex appeal, I think some sexuality is fine, as long as it's not over-doing it to the point that I want to go and slap them all upside the head. But yeah, living in this dinky city isn't helping all too much, lol

aww... you know what's so utterly romantic!? The bridge scene Kevin and Niki filmed for the "Most Beautiful Seven Days"! it looked so... beautiful! Yes, hence the title, but still, wish that could happen to me in real life, LOL

But yes, time for bed now, way too late and need to work way too early =P

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Scared written across my forehead

Got my hair cut!! I like it a lot better than my previous long, straight hair ;) Got bangs, got it more layered, got it trimmed, and not exactly straight anymore, lol

Went curling last night, and took my younger brother, and it was pretty fun. Met new people, did new things, it was good. Also embarassing. Each of us was supposed to push the rock and try to get it to the center of the target on the other end, and when I tried to push it, it wouldn't budge! Everyone started cracking up and saying that the rock was heavier than I was -_-' Then when we were all hanging out at the lounge, my manger's husband was like, have you ever heard of dog jaw, and I didn't, so he was like here, feel my jaw. The moment I reached over and touched the side of his jaw, he like barked out, and freaked the living life out of me that I screamed out, and everyone was staring at me! I was like oh gosh, where's the corner to hide in! And you know what he said afterwards!? He was like I'm sorry, I don't know why I did that, I just felt like I had to do that to you.

I swear, I must have SCARED written right across my forehead or something, everyone is always trying to scare me like no tomorrow. Happened at work just before that too! I was at work yesterday morning, and while I was all by myself at the front, I kept hearing noises around me, so I got up and walked towards the back entrance, and one of the two guys I worked with popped out from there, and I screamed bloody murder. I like gave him heck for it, and while I was doing that, I heard this jingling sound from the other side of my desk, so I like looked over, and the other guy popped up at me, and I literally screamed myself out. They were laughing themselves out, and I gave them talk about freaking me out, 'cause I was totally traumatized from The Grudge 2 as it was.

And you know what they did after!? I never knew our office had an interoffice intercom, and one of them started doing that croaking noise the lady from The Grudge did, and it was echoing throughout the office! I got so scared, I started looking all over for where the noise was coming from and couldn't find anyone, and I couldn't stand being alone anymore that I ran straight to where they were and saw him doing the sound over the phone! And afterwards, when I went to the break room to fill up my mug of water, they literally jumped out at me from around the corner, and I almost threw my mug at one of them out of reaction! He was so lucky I held back in time!

But yes, lesson of the weekend, don't let people know you get scared easily, LOL

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feels like suicide week!

This week has seriously burned me out like no tomorrow =( All I want to do right now is watch a movie, go for a drink, something that doesn't require much, or any, thought process. Thank gosh tomorrow is Friday, I'm going to need the weekend to recover from all of this -_-'

Thought I'd watch Land of Wealth to rest my nerves, but wrong series to watch when wanting to relax =P What the freaking hell was Tavia thinking when she wanted to act all sacrificial!? Obviously, she did everything, BUT think. If John dies, then that makes Sonija a widow, meaning she could always end up with Moses, but no... let's go marry him and ruin it for everyone... Steven is so sad... and Claire is actually really cool. It makes sense that she wants to have the best for her husband, but in the end, she will always go by her morals and beliefs =)

On the bright side, the male version of Beautiful Cooking, the whole time the one that was running through my head - Chilam is the world's biggest cutie!! LOVE his dimples! haha, and Edmond was just absolutely hilarious, soooo clueless, LOL

Ordered my glasses on Wednesday, and will be getting them by this coming Wednesday. Thick upper black frame, have to take a snapshot of it sometime for you girls to see ;)

Ooh, and getting my hair cut tomorrow afternoon, planning on getting bangs, something I haven't had in at almost ten years, lol, there's likely a reason as to why, but I need a massive change, hehe

Okay, I really need some sleep now, otherwise I'm going to look like crap for work tomorrow morning =P And I will go online as soon as possible to chat with all you beautiful girls *mwhuah*

Monday, October 16, 2006

Busy, busy, busy!

The Grudge 2 was HELL scary!! My sisters and I went with my older sister’s boyfriend and a ton of his friends, and of course, the girls freaked out like no tomorrow, and the guys were either bored as heck or laughing themselves out at the scenes. I don’t mind scary movies at all, but I do and will get super scared after watching it – this one was no different, except the main reason I watched this one was because of Edison (whom I thought did pretty decent in the movie) =P

How about this week is super rank busy for me, two assignments, two midterms, and I work at my max this week =( And it’s horrible, I’m back into my groove of going last minute for school, have to get out of it!!

It snowed last night! That’s right, winter has FINALLY arrived! Do not like driving in the snow at all, ‘cause it takes me like twice as long to get places, but since my birthday is in the winter time, can’t hate it all that much, LOL

Ooh, I’m getting my hair cut this Friday!! Super psyched, ‘cause I really need a change, I’ve had long, straight hair for like ever! And the first place I’m going to after my haircut, the pub crawl Friday night (seriously don’t know how I’ll go to work Saturday morning when I’m dead tired – unless I don’t sleep and just head there). And Saturday night is the company curling night, so that should be interesting =P I’m taking my younger sister with me, she needs to get out more, and I would like her to meet different people, who knows, she could land herself a summer part-time ;)

But yes, have to get running now, have to hand in my Sociology paper -_-‘

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Positive Attitude!?

aww... you know what made me really happy today - LOTS! I was in a massive rush this morning, 'cause I slept in and took my sweet ass time getting ready for work, so I didn't have breakfast. Went to work, and my supervisor and the guys bought me breakfast, ice cream, and what not, so that was really nice and sweet of them. Then went for dim sum with my long-time highschool buddies and friends from my previous job, and it was absolutely wonderful! We were having like a thousand conversations amongst ourselves, and were probably the loudest group there, laughing our heads off over the world's silliest and senseless things =P So yeah, that was really great, I really missed seeing them. Ooh, and after that, went back to work, and when I was just about off, the lady I'm the assistant for, told me that on Friday, my manager had commented to her on how I had such a positive attitude about everything. That made me super duper happy, because though I do not think I'm that utterly positive, I truely do love being at work, and that's likely why it seems like I'm always positive. But I am more than grateful for every opportunity I have been given by her, and hope that I can continue to learn more =)

Watched the wedding scene between John Chiang and Sonija in Land of Wealth, and it was utterly tragic for both Sonija and Moses =( More so for Moses, 'cause I was torn for him (especially the part where he tried to talk to her while they were picking out the fabrics, he just sounded so heart-broken) - but it was his fault! I don't really blame Sonija, 'cause if the man you love doesn't love you, obviously, the next best thing is the man who loves you, but that you might not love as much. That sounded horrible, but you get my drift.

Was going to post my little picks versus TVB's picks for their anniversary awards, but I just simply do not feel like putting in that tad of effort. We all know who should win, and who TVB will give it to, and needless to say, those two will not be coinciding any time soon, so no sense even trying to justify anything.

But have to get going to watch The Grudge 2 now, went to work Friday morning, and was told the tickets were sold out, so had to wait until tonight =P Not to mention, my inconsiderate older sister keeps staring over my should while I'm trying to blog, hence why I had to change my blog back to Tammoo -_-' It will only be temporary, like this template I just changed in my last post (really like the color scheme, fits my mood and personality). You know how fickle I am, I constantly need change and enjoy new things all the time =P

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lots, lots, lots this week!!

Whew, it has been one LONG weekend (not to mention week), thought I was going to get lazy and stop blogging for a while there -_-' But I'm back in the zone, and wishing a Happy Be-lated Thanksgiving to all you girls who celebrated it this past weekend with your beloved^^

So, went and got one of my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday morning. It swelled a tad, but wasn't in dying pain, so I went to class that afternoon to hand in an assignment (hoping like no tomorrow that I didn't bump into anyone I know). Then went out that same night and watched The Departed, and let me just say, Leonardo DiCaprio all the way! lol, or might be the fact that I just like Tony's character from Infernal Affairs. But I find it highly insulting that the director did not give credit to the HK directors at all. The movie is the exact remake of Infernal Affairs, yet he claims to the entire world, that his movie is nothing like the original, and that the only thing the original gave him, was inspiration. Can you be any more of a jerk!?

Ooh, The Grudge 2 is coming out this Friday, and of course, I'm going to watch it, even if not for the movie's sake, for the sake that Edison Chen made it into a Hollywood movie ;) Speaking of Edison, I read some good reviews for his HK movie with Sam Lee, Dog Bite Dog, so am considering getting it, though I probably shouldn't -_-'

Going back to work tomorrow morning, it's been like a week or two since I've gone to work on a regular day due to my wisdom tooth and the Thanksgiving holiday. So, did I also mention that I am going curling with people from the company I work at! LOL, I know, go figure, I don't even know the gist of the game, and yet I plan on playing it =P I actually didn't intend to, but my manager convinced me that it wouldn't be that embarassing, and I do believe I might benefit from the experience, more or less, lol

Oh, and I'm going for dim sum this Saturday (after work that is)! Meeting up with some of my high school friends, isn't that weird!? That's super weird, lol, seeing as how I haven't seen most of them for like a year or two! But it'll be cool, 'cause I've been bumping into some of them, and miss them that much more, so it'll be nice to catch up with everyone^^

But yes, have to end off here, really need to finish an assignment before bed, and I need to sleep early if I want to look good for tomorrow, LOL, nights!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Busy October

October has arrived! What is so special about it? It is the month for the Mid-Autumn Festival, Halloween, and whatever else everyone celebrates. For me, it is the month I get BOTH my wisdom teeth pulled out - one on the 6th, the other on the 31st. Also, it is the month of midterm exams, midterm papers, and so forth. Sounds exciting, doesn't it =P But this month, I would also like to get ONE thing done. Now you should all wish me luck with that, lol

Was watching some more of My Date with a Vampire 2, and just wanted to say that Joey Leung is a wonderful actor, just that his talents were never acknowledged =( He did very well throughout the series, and in particular the scene of when Pinky Cheung (his mom in the series) dies, very well done.

Watched Justin's One Good Show, and though I had my younger sister keep saying how he was a sell out (with the Watson products), I thought it was a very good concert, mainly because I loved that he could sing live ;) Also cute when he only pointed out to Shirley attending his concert, when his other MV girls were there too =P

But yes, that is all for now, have to get going to class. I have actually been on a very good streak of attending ALL my classes. It's going to break on Friday when I go to get my wisdom teeth pulled though =(

And of course I did not forget, was just busy yesterday, but HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEAR MANDY MUI!! I'm sure you had an uber duber birthday, and hope it stays that way every day!